You are at the centre of a greener city! RBC Centre was designed to reduce energy consumption as much as possible with such features as floor-to-ceiling windows that provide abundant natural light, sensors that automatically shut off lights in unoccupied areas, deep lake water cooling and many others.

You can help sustain and nurture a cleaner, greener working environment by following these simple tips:

RBC Centre
  • Only print when you have to: ask yourself whether you could read online or store a document on your drive or server
  • Print smart: Use the backside of old documents and scrap to reduce paper consumption. Use draft print mode whenever possible. Encourage the supply of chlorine-free paper with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content.
  • Recycle everything you can: Use the recycling facilities that have been provided. Please ensure that printing cartridges are returned for recycling. Consider returning electronic devices such as unused phones and PDAs to appropriate collection points
  • Drink tap water: Toronto's tap water is safe and delicious. Use your reusable RBC Centre stainless steel bottle or another reusable container
  • Take transit: RBC Centre is conveniently located and a short walk from the subway or GO train. In inclement weather, you can even go underground using PATH - click here to see how
  • If you do drive: Please consider car-pooling. It can save a lot in gas and parking, and most importantly, reduces the amount of pollutants in the air